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 Typhoon and Black Rain Signal Guidelines

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1. In case of Typhoon Signal:

        No. 3 or below:  Class as usual

        No. 8 or above:

a) Day Classes (morning or afternoon): morning session cancelled if the No. 8 signal is hoisted  after 8:00 AM  in  the morning  (ie. all classes are cancelled even if the No. 8 signal is lowered at 8:01 pm), afternoon session (commencement from 1:00pm and beyond)  to be cancelled if the No. 8 signal is still  hoisted after 12:00 PM.

b) Evening Classes (commencement from 6:00pm and beyond): all cancelled if the No. 8 signal is hoisted / still on after 4 PM in the afternoon

2. In case of Rain Storm Signal:

Red Signal: Class as usual

Black Signal: A class will be cancelled whenever there is a Black Rain Storm Signal hoisted 'within 2 hours of  class commencement' (eg. a class starting at 7 pm will be cancelled if there is a Black Rain Storm Signal hoisted at 5:01 pm, even if lowered at 5:30 pm)

For travelling consideration, the management may defer the COMMENCEMENT for no more than ONE HOUR in case of  BAD WEATHER situation even though  the session is not cancelled

3. Exception: External examinations held during weekday daytime DAY   TIME (either in our venues or other outside venues) may not follow the above guideline. Please check with our admin web or other examination organizers for update information. Classes held in external venues may also be subject to EXTERNAL VENUE provider's regulation due to bad weather situation.

When  Typhoon No. 8 Signal or Black Rain Storm signal is hoisted after class commencement, announcement will be made depending on the conditions as to whether a class is terminated earlier or conducted until scheduled class end.

4. Web - Announcement: We may make appropriate announcement on the web as much as possible. However you may assume the above rules - 1 & 2 will apply if no announcement is made on time.

5. Class Make Up: Make up classes (except for examinations) may or may not be held, or may be shortened, depending on room / tutor availability etc.. Further notice will be made normally within 3 working days after class cancellation.

The above guidelines may be varied by ABRS  for circumstances considered necessary at our discretion. Individuals should decide on their class attendance according to their own transportation and work/home location considerations to ensure personal safety is adequately guarded.